Estate Sales All About Recycling

Dated: 08/26/2013

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Estate Sales – All about Recycling

The other day my friend asked me if I wanted to help her with an estate sale in Tampa FL.  I knew she was dealing with the death of her Father and needed to do something with his beloved belongings.  So I did some research and found out about using a Liquidator to handle the estate sale.  What I found out wasn’t all pleasant, some was downright scary.
All that Spectacular Stuff:  Before handing over your prized possessions to a liquidator sift through it.  Make sure you get what is meaningful to you and what you want to give away to other family members. Remember the liquidator doesn’t know what’s important, they just know how to sell your stuff
Do they know how to sell your Cherished Chattels:  Research shows there are well over 10,000 estate liquidators in the country.  However most of them are not certified.  The good news is there is an organization called the American Society of Estate Liquidators which has the members meeting certain requirements and abiding by a code of ethics.  Look for a liquidator that are a member of this organization and feel safe that they are certified.
How did you come up with that price:  Many liquidators are not certified appraisers and therefore are making a guess as to pricing your intimate items.  Whatever you think is valuable have it appraised by an expert.  You never know, maybe one of your items is that one of a kind piece worth millions….
You want how much:  Most liquidators get paid a percentage of your sales, usually an average of 35%.  Beware, that 35% may not cover hauling away all the left over’s.  Make sure you go over what their pay includes, ask, don’t assume.
Oh my gosh, someone fell:   Need I say more, if someone gets hurt you and the liquidator could be sued.  Make sure your liquidator has insurance including workmen’s compensation, anyone could have an accident.
Well my friend did get a certified, insured liquidator and the Tampa estate sale went smoothly and efficiently.  I must say, I don’t need to have an estate stale now, but with this information I feel more confident about hiring a good liquidator to handle my awesome assets.  Remember recycling to me is all about life.

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